I didn't get my invoice?

Our book keeping is done through Reckon Accounts and through our book keeping system an invoice is sent to the parents email that is provided on...
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How do I find a Keyed Up Music teaching venue?

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Can I hire an instrument?

One of the major questions parents ask when choosing to play or buy a musical instrument is; “What if my child does not want to play this...
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How are Keyed Up Music Teachers selected?

All Keyed Up Teachers must have; a) A Working with Children Check ; b) A recognised degree (or completing a recognised degree) from...
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Where do the students come from?

Most of our students are from the particular Primary school where the lessons are taking place.  But many schools are happy to have outside...
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What attributes must I have to be a Keyed Up Music teacher?

To be a Keyed Up Music teacher one must have the following attributes;Work well with children both individually and in groupsBe self motivated and...
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