Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons Perth

Keyed Up Music is the largest music school providing Piano lessons for kids in Perth. With over 500 piano/keyboard students per week, the professional teachers at Keyed Up know how to not only teach piano competently to your child but also engage, inspire and create learning opportunities for them. Coupled with some basic practice discipline and good ol’  fashioned grit, there are simply no limits to your child’s musical potential! 

How do I know my child’s teacher is qualified and appropriate for my child?

We take teacher selection very seriously. All of our piano teachers hold WWC (working with children checks) and are also cross-referenced by our administration staff with previous employers and referees. 

All of our piano teachers also hold tertiary music qualifications with many of them having studied right here in Perth at either WAAPA or UWA. 

Our piano teachers also undergo a training module as part of their Keyed Up Music induction and receive ongoing support with a senior teacher observing, reviewing and giving feedback on their lessons once a term via email and a phone call the following day. 

Where can I find piano lessons near me?

With nearly 50 venues in Perth there is bound to be a venue close to you. Just click on the ‘locations’ tab https://www.keyedupmusic.com.au/our-classes/locations

to find piano lessons near you. Please note that not all venues listed have piano lessons and a few venues are for students of that school only. Please call the Keyed Up Office for more information.

How can I enrol?

Just click on the enrolment form on the home page to enrol you son/daughter into piano lessons. (See link) https://www.keyedupmusic.com.au/enrolments/students/enrolment_form

Once the form has been received, we can then offer you a place and time at a venue convenient to you. 

When can my child start piano lessons?

We conduct piano lessons for beginners from 5 years of age (Pre-primary) but a good rule of thumb is if they can read basic words they can then begin to play the piano. If your child is an older beginner, this is absolutely fine too as they will most likely progress at a faster rate. We teach children up to 17 years of age.

How much are piano lessons?

Individual Piano class: $35.75 (incl GST)

Group of 2 Piano class: $25.30 (incl GST)

Group of  4 Piano class : $20.35 (inc GST)

*All lessons are 30 minutes in duration unless otherwise arranged with the Keyed Up admin. team.

How do the group piano/keyboard lessons work?

Most of our piano lessons are in a small group of up to 4 students in a class. Each student has their own headphones so they cannot hear what the other students in the class are playing or doing. The teacher then moves in between the students and works with each child with where they are at.

Each child has their own book which is provided to the student upon commencement of their piano lessons.  Touch-Sensitive Keyboards are provided at the venue and students do not have to bring in their own keyboards or piano to the piano lessons!

Do I need a piano or a keyboard at home to practice on?

Yes, your child needs a piano or keyboard at home to practice each day on. This will ensure that your child gets the most from their weekly piano lesson and can rehearse the concepts taught during their lesson time.

Just make sure that the keyboard is touch sensitive as this provides the student with the ‘real world’ piano sensation of ‘the greater the velocity of the key strike-the louder the note will be’. Just call the keyed upoffice if you would like some advice on a suitable piano/keyboard for your child.

Can I hire a keyboard? 

Yes, just click on the following link for information about hiring a keyboard. Keyboard hire is $66 per term (10 weeks) with a $50 refundable bond.


Can my child do formal AMEB (Australian Music Board Examinations) with Keyed Up?

Yes, absolutely. We have many students each year sitting AMEB examinations and doing very well. We generally advise that if sitting for an AMEB exam then an individual 30-minute lesson is appropriate. Especially if it is for an AMEB piano exam of grade 2 or above.  https://www.ameb.edu.au

Will my child learn to read music?

Yes, from the first lesson you child will be reading music notation. On average, by the end of the first term, they will be reading standard music notation. This is of course, dependant on the student’s at home practice routine, the child’s age and of course natural music reading ability. Like all good teaching, our aim is to do ourselves out of a job as soon as we can!

How can I keep track of my child’s musical progress on the piano?

Each child is given a practice planner at the beginning of each term which is signed by the parent for each day of practice that their child completes. PRACTICE PLANNER TERM 1.2.pdf

Each child will receive a report at the end of each semester, much like their standard school report. It includes information regarding student behaviour, attitude and instrumental and theoretical progress.