Teacher Bio's

Nick Dabbs: Guitar, Keyboard & Percussion

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Nick Dabbs has been teaching, directing and performing in numerous ensembles and schools for over 25 years. He is a former member of Melbourne 90’s and 00’s band Dallas Crane and has performed in many venues and festivals over the journey. He completed his Bachelor of Music from the ACU in Melbourne in 1998 and his Graduate Diploma of Education from ECU in Perth in 2002. He has been a music teacher at Newman College in Churchlands as well as Director of Music at Catholic Ladies College in Melbourne and Mercy College in Koondoola. He was also a touring conductor with the Australian Youth Choir tour of Great Britain in 2002. Since 2009 he, along with his wife Therese, has been a Director of Keyed Up Music and still teaches classroom and instrumental music at St. Emilies CPS Canning Vale and St. Paul’s CPS Mt. Lawley.

Joe Bryer: Keyboard

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Joe Bryer has studied piano pedagogy with Alice Carrad and Stephen Dornan at UWA and Mt.Lawley Academy of Performing Arts. Head of Music at International Schools in Jakarta Indonesia, Delhi India, Bangkok Thailand, and Mandalay Myanmar. Completed a Bachelor of Arts (Ed) and AmusA (Performance & Theory).  The instruments Joe teaches are: Pianoforte, keyboard, flute, violin, cello, trumpet, clarinet, saxophone, and percussion.

Francisco Munoz: Drums

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Francisco Munoz is a graduate of the Western Academy ofPerforming Arts (BMus Jazz) as a working musician heperforms with different bands in both original and cover bandsplaying a variety of different styles such as Jazz, Funk, Latin,Rock and Contemporary.He performs regularly with Vib3 an organ trio playing funk jazzand blues, LNOD organ quartet playing music inspired in theNew Orleans style, Hanna Kim Trio contemporary jazz as wellas freelancing for various different bands. As an educator hestrives to teach the fundamentals of drumming while fosteringinquiring musical minds in his students. He is currentlystudying his Masters of Education at Edith Cowan University.

Daniel Warren: Keyboard

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Daniel is a pro multi-musician (drums, keys and vox) and has been playing music professionally for 38 years.

His international performing experience includes tours of Australia and Germany, residencies in Singapore and Spain, and gigs all over the U.K. including at London Olympic Stadium and Silverstone at the MOTU Grand Prix.

His  recording/TV experience includes work at Abbey Road and Shepperton Studios and appearances on TEN network Australia and international TV ads.

He is currently teaching keyboards at Grandis Primary School.

Chris Jones: Guitar

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Chris Jones is a multi-genre guitarist and musician currently completing a bachelors in jazz performance at WAAPA. His diverse upbringing and classical foundations being fused with the jazz and contemporary idiom has cemented him in scenes both local and international. As an educator Chris has over 5 years of experience doing lessons as well as workshops and masterclasses throughout regional WA.

Tom Grice: Keyboard

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Tom graduated from the University of Western Australia in 2021, earning a Bachelor of Music (Piano Performance), with an emphasis on studio teaching in his final year. At current, he is studying at Edith Cowan University, in a Master of Teaching course to be a classroom music teacher, as well as undertaking some additional study in lower secondary maths.

Tom began playing the piano when he was eight and is of the attitude that perseverance is a crucial element of pianistic success; recognising that accomplished piano playing requires consistent effort. With this said, he additionally believes that playing the piano is a consistent source of joy and believes that the range of expressions the piano is capable of producing is nearly endless.

His approach in the piano studio is to try and gauge each student’s personal abilities and understand what strengths and interests a student possesses. Tom is additionally a strong believer in knowledge of music theory; maintaining that the language of music dictates the composition of all pieces, and having a working knowledge of how chords and intervals relates enables a stronger sense of connection to music.

Joseph Harris: Keyboard

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Joseph Harris started his musical journey when he taught himself how to play 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' by ear from a young age. His extensive musical pursuits developed into a passion for songwriting and musical composition, and he would go on to study a Bachelor of Music at WAAPA, majoring in Composition and Musical Technology. Whilst he was unable to complete the 4-year course due to the disruptive introduction of COVID lockdowns and the decision to take up alternate opportunities, he nevertheless maintains a strong connection to the instrument that gave him his roots, and continues to play in church groups and at weddings and funerals.

Joseph initially never saw himself becoming a teacher, but was converted to the idea by Nick Dabbs, founder of Keyed Up Music, who revealed the heart of teaching being about the relationship and passing on a love of the subject - an idea Joseph has since become very passionate about. Joseph currently teaches keyboard at Jolimont Primary School, Kapinara Primary School, and Poynter Primary School.

Isabella Nguyen: Keyboard

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Isabella Nguyen is a passionate and versatile multi-instrumental music teacher whose love for music and art knows no bounds. With a deep-seated connection to the world of sound since the age of 5, Isabella has dedicated her life to learning and sharing the joy and beauty of music and art with her students. She believes that music has the power to transform lives and strives to instill that belief in each of her students. With patience, encouragement, and a deep understanding of music theory, she nurtures her students' talents and helps them realize their full potential. Her teaching style is engaging, inspiring, and tailored to the unique needs and aspirations of each individual.

Outside of teaching, Isabella also plays the clarinet, sings, and is part of the South Perth Lion's Community Swing band, playing the keys. Isabella also dances as part of the Waacking Community in Perth, and is highly engaged with the creative community of WA as an independent creative Producer. Isabella has completed her BA in Music at UWA, and has completed her A.Mus AMEB Diploma for piano studies. Isabella hopes to be an all-rounded musician and teacher, who has roots in classical music, and expanding to contemporary and jazz music.

Megan Bothma: Voice

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Megan is passionate about passing on her love for music and singing and has taught music and performance since she was in high school. She attained a Diploma of Music Industry from WAAPA in 2020 and is now in the process of finishing her third year of a Bachelor of Music from WAAPA. She has been active in the Perth music scene over the last few years performing in original bands as a lead singer and backing vocalist in music venues across Perth. Megan started her vocal training in classical music at a very young age, giving her a solid foundation in traditional singing technique. Around the age of 14 she started training in Musical Theatre and contemporary music which has given her more confidence as a performer and now gives her the ability to teach many different techniques and styles of music.

Max Lockitt: Guitar

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Max has an undeniable passion for music and over 5 years experience teaching guitar and bass. He has a Diploma of Music Industry and a Bachelor of Music from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. Max is an active member of the Perth music scene playing in corporate and event cover bands. He is also passionate about original music, and has recorded numerous records with bands such as Moth, Camomile Queen, and Finn Pearson, who won the WAM award for best folk song (“Hard To Find”) in 2022.

Philip Lochner: Guitar

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Philip is a versatile and creative guitarist with over 10 years of professional experience. Having graduated from WAAPA in 2017 with a Bachelor's degree in Jazz Performance with Honours, Philip has played in a variety of ensembles and settings in genres ranging from jazz to funk to original rock music. As an educator, Philip is passionate and energetic in teaching the ins and outs of the guitar and helping students find their own unique voice on the instrument, wherever their musical interests may lie.

Angela Shaw: Keyboard

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Angela Shaw is a student at the University of Western Australia and has been playing piano since the age of seven. She has completed the Grade 7 AMEB Piano for Leisure exam, and Grade 2 in theory. Outside of teaching, she enjoys reading and trying out new tunes on both the piano and classical guitar! Angela is currently teaching a stellar bunch of students at West Balcatta Primary.

Ben Lazzaro: Guitar

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Ben Lazzaro is a versatile contemporary guitarist and music tutor based in Perth. With 14 years of performance experience, Ben has cultivated skills across a wide array of Musical Genres, including Blues, Rock, Funk, Fusion, Soul, Folk, and Modern R&B. He has enjoyed 6 years in Perth’s professional music scene, having shared the stage with many local musicians and artists. In 2021 Ben completed a bachelor’s degree in contemporary guitar through the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, receiving multiple awards, including the Royal Over-Seas League Contemporary Music prize. In 2022 Ben embarked on a European tour with Perth Folk/Rock artist Toby Beard, playing 13 shows over 3 weeks in 5 different countries. Some of Ben's favourite places to play include Skagen Festival in Denmark, Bridgetown Blues Festival, Perth Concert Hall, the Rosemont Hotel, and the P&O Pacific Explorer cruise liner. Some other Artists Ben has played alongside/ supported with other bands, include Daryl Braithwaite, Lime Cordiale, Sancisco, Kingswood, Jordan Anthony, Chloe Schofield and Madoc Plane.

Lyndell Edelsten: Keyboard

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Lyndell  started teaching piano in 1998.  She has completed her 7th grade AMEB practical exam and 5th grade Theory of Music exam.  Lyndell also has a Bachelor of Education which together with over 20+ years of teaching piano she has developed many skills and tactics for creating a positive learning environment. Teaching Piano is her passion and  full time occupation.

Rain Nguyen: Keyboard

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Rain Nguyen is a Vietnamese musician currently living in Perth. He has been playing the piano for over 10 years, is classically trained on the piano and have a passion for both playing and teaching. He is both passionate about his music and helping to provide his students with the love to music. He also plays the Vietnamese monochord or the 'đàn bầu', which is a one stringed instrument that creates beautiful and heart wrenching sounds you'll ever hear. He is also classically trained on the violin.

Kirsten de Jongh: Keyboard

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Kirsten de Jongh’s studies have taken her to become a music teacher for High School, something she has wanted to do due to her love of music and wanting to spread that love to others. Kirsten loves getting together with friends and family to play music and if a band is ever needed, she’s there. She also enjoys playing music at her local church.

She loves playing the piano, singing, and dabbling with various other instruments, providing her with an understanding of various genres, especially on different instruments. She looks forward to encouraging the love of music with the students at Keyed Up Music.

Xavier Douglas-Smith: Keyboard

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Xavier has been performing in and around Perth and Fremantle for over 5 years as a jazz pianist as well as singing and playing bass in his original metal band. He is currently in his final year at WAAPA studying a Bachelor of Music majoring in jazz piano.

Brett Caporn: Drums

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Brett has been playing music in bands and a good stint of deejaying too for about 24 years. But even before then, he remembers as a kid and teenager always 'air drumming' and banging out beats on pretty much anything and everything, which he still does to this day. He hears rhythms everywhere in the world, from the metronomic chugga-chugga of a train ride, the pitta-patter of rain on a tin roof to the unorthodox rhythms of bird song. My brain speaks music.

He has always been inclined to the rhythm section of the band and have played bass and drums in bands of various genres: rock, dub, reggae, punk, grunge and metal.

He has been honing his skills as a drummer with his studio project Cactus Galactic as well as recording, programming, and mixing drum track to work with and share. He is always learning, and this will be the case to my end of his days. He loves all good music in many genres and have a particular passionate obsession with rock and heavy metal.

As well as drumming, Brett runs his own record label, recording studio, mixing, and mastering professions services.

James Lilly: Guitar

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James has been playing guitar for 16 years and is a passionate rock and roll enthusiast.

James has played with a variety of original and cover groups including The Carnaby’s, Holographic Moon Society and The Journey. He has played at events like WAMfest and The Contemporary Music Performance from WAPPA.

James enjoys involving students in the learning process and adapting lessons to suite their individual needs. James teaches practical music skills that develop students in various musical styles and genres. James’ definition of a great lesson is one where the student is engaged and immersed with the music.

Brandon Riganello: Guitar

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Currently studying Bachelor of Music (Contemporary Performance) on the Electric Guitar at WAAPA. Graduated from Guildford Grammar School in 2021, which had an incredible music faculty which was a very influential aspect as to why I became a musician. I currently hold a Certificate 2 and 3 in Music through a course taken in High School. I won the 2021 Music Eisteddfod Open prize playing guitar, the highest individual music honour Guildford Grammar awards. I also performed in high school bands including Blues Band, Rock Band, Motown, Symphony Orchestra, Big Band and the musical production of Wedding Singer (which was easily the most fun I've had in a band). I'm currently in a band outside of university, called Soup, all of which are studying at WAAPA. I am also proficient in the Bass guitar as well, having studied the instrument for a semester.

Christopher Oldman: Drums

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After graduating from WAAPA, Christopher spent several years on contract in the middle east, playing extensively in Dubai, Oman, Qatar and several years on the American 5th fleet Naval base in Bahrain. He has lived and played extensively throughout Asia, most recently holding post as head percussion tutor at the New International School of Thailand in Bangkok, a United Nations school He has also recorded and toured extensively, most recently with the Gabriel Lynch band and festival dates with award winning Thai producer Bruno Brugano. Chris is a proud endorsee of Echoslap Percussion Asia.

Matt Cayford: guitar

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I have been playing the guitar for 15 years years now and completed a Bachelor of Contemporary Music from WAAPA in 2021. I have played in various original and cover bands over the years, one of which opened for Spacey Jane. I have also performed at notable local venues including Perth Concert Hall . I currently teach at Woodlands and Poynter Primary with Keyed Up Music.

Daniel Johnston: Guitar

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From a young age Daniel Johnston grew up playing music in the church, and went on to study Jazz at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA). He has taught music since 2006 and performed in a variety of originals and covers bands around Perth. Currently Daniel teaches guitar at Saint Emilie’s Catholic Primary School, Anzac Terrace Primary School, and The Christian Home School Support Group in Lesmurdie.

Hannah Prowse: Keyboard & voice

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Hannah started immersing herself in the joys of music at 6 years old. From violin lessons to singing Annie to performing throughout her schooling years as a pianist and vocalist, Hannah thrives off her passion for music. She has completed Grade 6 of the AMEB Piano for Leisure and continues to learn piano at university. There, she is studying a Bachelor of Education (Secondary), majoring in Music at Edith Cowan University and WAAPA. Hannah has experience in contemporary and classical music and has been teaching piano for 6 years. She has performed in ensembles, small bands and as a soloist. Her goal, when teaching, is to inspire the youth of today with music, so that they can create a better tomorrow.

Luke Geha: Keyboard

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Luke began studying music at age 6 when he started learning the cello, quickly realising his knack and passion for music Luke excelled, attaining a music scholarship at Hale School where he continued his studies and found the piano. Falling in love with the instrument, Luke saw music to be the main area of concern in his studies and achieved the most promising young talent in Jazz award at the WAAPA jazz camp in 2016 as well as being appointed Music Captain of Hale School in the academic year of 2019.

Whilst being an member of the West Australian Youth Jazz Orchestra since 2018.

Luke is currently perusing music, completing a Bachelor of Music majoring in Jazz with hopes to complete a further study through a masters of teaching at the conclusion of his music degree.

Callum Woodward: Guitar

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Callum Woodward has been playing guitar for over 13 years but has been in love with music since long before. Having studied music at ATAR, TAFE and University level since 2011, he recently graduated from Edith Cowan University with a Bachelor of Arts (Education Studies). With a background in contemporary music, Callum has continued to explore a myriad of different styles and techniques on the guitar from classical to hard rock, using his time studying at West Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) to help broaden his horizons. He is currently teaching guitar at Mother Teresa Catholic College, St. Vincent's School, Salvado Catholic College, Saint Emilie’s Catholic Primary School and Infant Jesus Primary School.

Outside of teaching and music, Callum finds joy in video games, tabletop games, movies and reading.

Nick Kyriakacis: Guitar

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Nick Kyriakacis is an emerging composer and musician currently studying a Bachelor of Music at the University of Western Australia, specialising in Composition. From a young age, he has played guitar learning all styles before transferring his skills to the Greek Bouzouki, where he was able to perform at an array of cultural events around Perth, such as the Perth Glendi, Mt. Hawthorn Festival, and other community events. He currently spends his time teaching guitar, writing and arranging music, performing with his ethnic folk band “Travelled Folk”, and taking the obligatory Greek language lesson.

Anna Dabbs: Voice & Guitar

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My name is Anna! I'm 18 and have been singing and playing guitar ever since I can remember!, I started of as a classical guitarist in primary school and worked my way through the ameb exams then decided to focus on voice for ATAR to lead me into WAPPA where I now study contemporary voice. I love to share my love of music with others through gigs and teaching, Ii have a real passion for teaching young kids and have been teaching for the past 4 years. I love to write and record music. You can find me on spotify by searching for Anna Dabbs.

Raya Kia: Keyboard

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Raya is a university student studying both psychology and music at the University of Western Australia. She has been playing piano since she was six years old, currently working towards achieving her grade 6 AMEB, and percussion since beginning of high school. Raya is currently teaching keyboard at Edgewater Primary School and hopes to share her passion and love for music with others.

Julia Shaw: Keyboard

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I owe my musical ability to the Sisters of St Joseph who taught me both theory and practical to year 6 AMEB and 4 theory. They also took us to many Guildford Grammar festivals where we participated and received Certificates. I have a Bachelor of Psychology degree and three teenagers who play flute, piano and guitar and I enjoy teaching students and seeing their confidence and abilities grow. Learning to play the piano takes patience, persistence and of course practice!

Joel Raja: Keyboard

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Meet Joel! Joel is a music student at Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, a local up and coming musician and a Piano teacher. Joel works at St Emilie’s Primary School amongst a few others and has been working for Keyed Up Music since 2018. Studying music at the WAAPA, he applies his knowledge learnt at university to his work and his musical career, having performed in bands, rapping as an MC, producing music, singing and song writing, frequently collaborating with local artists as well organising events and local gigs. Joel takes pleasure in teaching children and takes pride in learning classroom.

Rhys Clark: Drums & Guitar

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Rhys is multi-instrumentalist that has been teaching with us since late 2017. He has taught both guitar and drums at a variety of schools and has completed a Diploma in Music through North Metropolitan Tafe in Leederville. Since moving to the west coast, from NSW, he has been in multiple gigging bands around Perth performing on stage either behind the drum kit, with his bass slung over his shoulder or out the front with a microphone.

Rhys is currently studying a Bachelor of Contemporary Music at WAAPA, majoring in voice, and teaches guitar at Glengarry Primary School and drums at Lansdale Christian School and Woodlands Primary School.

Mark Turton: Keyboard

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Mark is classically trained in AMEB piano (8th grade prac. 5th grade theory)   and has worked as an accompanist for dance  at WAAPA;  He is an experienced performer in classical, swing, jazz and blues, ragtime, Latin American and has performed in numerous bands and as a soloist for restaurants, clubs and theatre performances. Mark currently teaches keyboard at Poynter Primary School and St Paul's School.

Mark SanDiego: Keyboard
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Mark is an experienced pianist, loving music his whole life. He has both qualified in AMEB Grade 8 Piano and AMEB Grade 4 Theory, specialising in classical music at high school. He has experience also both in trumpet and trombone, playing in both Jazz and Concert Bands during high school.

He also specialises in worship in piano, guitar and vocals, and is one of his favourite things to do. He has been part of the worship team at Saving Grace Church. He loves to teach children and teaches at Emmanuel Christian Community School and at Woodlands Primary School!

Angelo Vaccari: Guitar

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Angelo's musical career developed from an early age with a keen interest in guitar, and with this passion for playing guitar has led to teaching. With over 30 years experience Angelo's styles range from Classical, Jazz, Blues and Rock.

He is an excellent guitarist who loves writing his own music and Angelo can also play keyboards, bass and harmonica. Angelo has performed as a soloist as well as in quartets to six piece bands. His experience as a guitarist has seen him play intimate venues to concert sized crowds.

Angelo has been teaching at Lake Gwelup Primary School with KeyedUp Music for 6 years. In his spare time enjoys woodworking and listening to his favourite musicians.

Joseph Lunardi: Violin

Joseph Lunardi Violin Teacher

My name is Joseph Lunardi,I graduated from UWA in 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts in Music Studies and Specialist Music Studies and in 2018, a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Violin performance. I have been playing the violin for 14 years and teach violin privately at home and with Keyed Up Music at Woodlands PS, St Dominic's PS and Our Lady's Assumption School. Outside of teaching I enjoy any form of exercise, particularly running.

Skye Horton: Guitar & Bass

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Skye is a professional acoustic and electric guitar and bass player. He has been teaching both instruments for over 10 years. His qualifications include a Diploma in both Contemporary Music and Audio Engineering.

With over 25 years of guitar playing experience, plus 10+ years of bass, he has also found the time to dabble in drums and piano. His areas of expertise include music theory, song writing and improvised jamming. He has been playing in original Perth bands for over 17 years and is currently playing bass and guitar in Perth rock trio Aurora.

Skye currently teaches at Our Lady’s Assumption Primary, South Padbury Primary and privately in his home studio. He feels that teaching music is the best and most rewarding job in the world.

Outside of playing instruments Skye has a keen interest in collecting vinyl, skateboarding and restoring his vintage motorcycle & car.

Oliver Vonlanthen: Guitar

Oliver Voltogeran

Oliver Vonlanthen is a gigging musician in Perth, with over 10 years of guitar experience behind him. He has immersed himself in a variety of styles including classical, contemporary, flamenco, rock, and jazz. 

He is currently in the final year of his Bachelor of Music, majoring in jazz performance, at WAAPA.

He currently teaches guitar at Deanmore, Saint Anthony’s School, Saint Augustine School, Saint Dominic School and Woodlands Primary School. 

Bailey Hester: Guitar

Bailey Hester

Bailey Hester is a contemporary multi-instrumentalist and music teacher. While studying at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, he achieved his Diploma of Music Industry, as well as studying a Bachelor of Music and a Bachelor of Education. For almost a decade, he has amassed an extensive range of experience in performance, recording, teaching and composition. He currently teaches guitar with Keyed Up Music at Brabham Primary School and Holy Rosary School. Bailey also enjoys reading, admiring visual and performing arts, as well as composing original music in his spare time.

Norberto Flamenco: Piano

Norberto Flamenco

Norberto Flamenco started out a music student at Newman college which helped him nurture his growing interest in music. He was already playing piano at church leading choirs and starting bands to play with after school which led him to study 4 years of jazz piano at WAAPA. He now teaches piano full time and leads his own band called vib3 which has plays all around Perth and various festivals when the opportunities arise. 

Although Norberto never sat exams (Such as AMEB) he has a wealth of knowledge in performance and practice methods and takes great pride in building up his students confidence so that they take great pride in their playing just as his teachers instilled it upon him. 

I currently teach at Lake Gwelup Primary School, Landsdale Christian School,  Our Lady's Assumption School and Saint Augustine's School.

Fifi Winata: Guitar & Piano

Fifi Winata is currently teaching at Our Lady's Assumption, St John's, and Whitford Catholic PS. She has completed B.Mus at UWA and Grad.Dip Ed. at ECU. Fifi plays both classical guitar and piano. She likes composing, listening to music and travelling.